GREAT NEWS! From now until Jan. 1, 2022 private sessions are by donation. Scroll down for more info!

HI! My name is Carol Nelson and over at EASY AURA on YouTube, we do FREE energy healings (aka BLISS HEALINGS) to increase positive thinking and remove negative thoughts. It's easy and effortless. You can even fall asleep and you will still receive the healing.

These transformational healings gently create profound change by helping to remove unwanted, unsupportive thoughts, helping to create a life we knew was possible.

Energy healing...
- quiets distracting head chatter,

- clears negative emotion,
- facilitates peace/invigoration,

- improves relationships,
- & takes life to the next level.

I studied Access Energy for Transformation for six years with its founder, Gary Douglas, beginning in the late 1990's. it is now called Access Consciousness and is taught in over 170 countries worldwide as a powerful tool for change.

I am also a New York State Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist with a Masters Degree from Teachers College at Columbia University. In working with so many clients, young and older, over three decades, I began to understand energy and the importance of being able to manage my energy instead of mimicking the energy (thoughts/feelings/behaviors) of people around me.

I'm sharing these amazing tools so we can all feel good in body, mind, and spirit and live as happily as we can. I've learned these tools in classes with various mentors and in meditation with my Beloved Guides - My Light Team which often consists of Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron.

Stop by anytime and much love to you! Also check out our many Client Reviews and Explainer Video below

I'd love to have you join the fun.

Mentors I want to acknowledge for helping me change my life. Young Iyanla Vanzant from City College NYC, Louise Haye, Deepak Chopra, Queen Afua, Etta Dixon, Bernard Dove, Cher Carden, Lystra Ebron, Gary Douglas, Jerry, and Esther Hicks, Christopher Macklin, Bridgette Doer, Tracey Brown, Dan Brule, Sean Little and many Teachers of Light.

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My Energy Healing Approach

I use a combination of the following:
prayers from
access consciousness
energy healing (Gary Douglas),
assistance from my Light Team
of Pure Positive Energy Guides who I learned to access from Bridgette Dooer,
concepts from Abraham Hicks and Lystra Ebron

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For your own personal session
on the phone, facetime, whatsapp, skype or zoom.

For in-person or remote healing,
email or message me first please

carolight2020@gmail.com or 
@easyauralife on instagram

We create relief around
any subject according to our
client reviews. If we feel 
we cannot we will inform you.

 Private Sessions

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Energy Healing Fees

Normally $85 for 1 energy healing

From now until Jan. 1 2022
energy healing sessions are
by donation.

I accept Zelle (Carol Nelson 

Paypal (Carol Nelson carolpaper@gmail.com),

Cashapp ($CarolNels) or Cash.

Client Reviews and Explainer Video

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