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Hi! I'm Carol Nelson and I help entrepreneurs and people making life shifts easily release layers of sabotaging and negative thoughts so they have the optimism, clarity and energy to take consistent action manifesting their unique dreams! Ask me how?

These transformational healings gently create profound change unlike any other method, by helping to remove unwanted, unsupportive thoughts, so you can create a life you knew was possible for satisfaction in relationships, in careers and within oneself!

Energy healing...
- quiets negative self-talk,

- clears negative thoughts & emotions,
- reconnects you with your powerful self & self-talk,

- boosts clarity & positive expectation,
- balances auras and chakras

- takes life to satisfying levels,
- some report greater money flows

I am also a New York State Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist with a Masters Degree from Teachers College at Columbia University. In working with so many clients, young and older, over three decades, from every culture, I began to understand energy and the importance of being able to manage my energy (thoughts/feelings/behaviors) instead of mimicking the energy of people around me.

I am also an Access Bars Practitioner where, in lightly touching 32 points on the head, you let go of automatic thoughts, beliefs, emotions and attitudes stored from childhood, to be more present in your life, so your past does not project into your future, so you can allow new possibilities in your life.

studied Access Energy for Transformation for six years with its founder, Gary Douglas, beginning in the late 1990's. it is now called Access Consciousness and is taught in over 170 countries worldwide as a powerful tool for change.

Both touch and no-touch energy healing methods are highly effective according to client reports.

I'm sharing these amazing tools so we can all feel good in body, mind, and spirit and live as happily as we can. Over the past 20 years I combined what I learned in Access Energy for Transformation with other highly effective healing techniques from Abraham Hicks, Christopher Macklin, Louise Haye, Lystra Ebron, Jose Silva, young Iyana Vanzant, Queen Afua and my spirit guides.

I am offering a free self-love healing video and/or a free 45-minute call to listen to your concerns and see how I can help you. For either, just message me on instagram@easyauralife or text "sessions" to 1-917-400-3199. Also check out my many Client Reviews and Explainer Video below

You're never alone. I would love to help you purge negative thoughts, feelings & attachments that keep you stuck, so that you drop the baggage weighing you down and live the life you were meant to live.


Personal Transformation Packages
(each package includes daily energy check-ins and three healings per week)

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Energy Healing Approach

A combination
of the following:

assistance from
Pure Positive Energy Guidance

concepts from
Abraham Hicks,
Louise Haye,
Lystra Ebron,
Bridgette Doerr
and Jose Silva

prayers from,

and techniques from 
Access Consciousness.

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For your
own session

to get rid of
the specific
thoughts and feelings
keeping you
stuck and not
moving forward
in life...

Please text Carol 1st. 

Text her at 917-400-3199
to schedule
your free 45 minute call.


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Energy Healing Payment

We accept

Carol Nelson

Carol Nelson



Client Reviews and Explainer Video

Client Reviews






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